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Popular Questions

Who is Paul Gauguin Cruise Sale?

Are you the cruise line?
Why should I book my cruise through you instead of the cruise line?
Where are you located and how many employees do you have?
Do you charge booking fees?

First-Time Cruisers

Is Cruising Expensive?
Will I be bored?
Will I get seasick?
Is cruising safe?
Can I get a special diet?
What should I pack?

Before the Cruise

What are the rules for passports, visas, and inoculations?
Can you please provide more clarity on menswear?
What is the electrical voltage on the ship?
Do I have to fly in a day early?
Can my stay be extended if I want to spend time in the embarking or disembarking city before or after the cruise?
What rooms are the best if I get motion sickness?
Will I need to exchange currency before boarding?

All Inclusive/Shore Excursion Details

What does "All Inclusive" mean?
Are transfers from the airport to the hotel and hotel to ship included?
Are shore excursions included?
Are gratuities included?
Does Paul Gauguin Cruises offer gear for SCUBA diving?
Does Paul Gauguin Cruises offer snorkel gear?

On-Board Services and Dining

What is the cost for laundry service aboard the m/s Paul Gauguin?
Are irons and ironing boards available on board?
What does the Butler service involve?
Is there spa service available on board?
Are there special activities for children?
Is there entertainment on board?
What does "open seating" mean?
What kind of dining options are available?

Communication Services

Is There Cellular Phone Service at Sea?
Is Internet access available? If so, what is the cost?
Can friends and family get in contact with guests currently sailing aboard the m/s Paul Gauguin?

Heath and Medical

Is there a doctor on board?
Does Paul Gauguin provide wheelchairs for passenger use during the cruise?
If I get sick or injured how does health insurance work?
Should pregnant guests have any special documentation?

Smoking Policy

What is Paul Gauguin's smoking policy?

Ship Details

Will Paul Gauguin be adding more ships / more itineraries in the future?
When was the m/s Paul Gauguin last refurbished, and what was done?