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Cephalonia (Kefalonia) is the largest in area of the Ionian islands. The slopes on the eastern side of the island are covered with pine forests that run down to the sea. In ancient times Kefalonia formed part of the kingdom of Odysseus and here at least archaeologists have been able to find evidence of the ancient sites mentioned in Homer. The tombs at Krani are said to be the best examples of Mycenean tombs in Greece. Kefalonia produces excellent Robola white and red wine and for those who like a rose, the Manzavino is very good. The major earthquake of 1953 demolished every town on Cephalonia except Fiskardho. Fiskardo, the northenmost harbour on Cephalonia, has kept its traditional colour. Lying opposite and very close to Ithaca, it is surrounded by a thick cypress glade. The picturesque 19th century houses set amid green pine groves remain pretty much original. The village is named after Robert Guiscard (thus Guiscardo/Phiscardo/Fiscardho), a Norman adventurer who briefly ruled.

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