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Cast in the Tyrrhenian sea, the Lipari Islands experience an increasing amount of tourism due to unusual scenery and mild climate. The variety and beauty of rock formations, the volcanic phenomena of Stromboli and the crystalline waters always impress visitors. Local-style architecture adds charm to picturesque villages. The main islands include famous Stromboli and Lipari. In a bay on Lipari's east coast lies the main town of the same name - dominated by the Castello or Acropolis, which separates the town's two harbors. Within Castello are the cathedral and the former Bishop's Palace, which now houses the Archaeological Museum. It is noted for its fine collection of relics from recent excavations, Greek masks and statuettes from theatrical life as far back as Sophocles and Euripides. At Marina Corta there are hydrofoils and boats offering trips to neighboring islands. The most southern Lipari Island, Vulcano Island, has a spectacular volcanic landscape of rugged peaks rising above beaches. A steep trail leads up from the plain to a 1,150-foot crater.

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