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St. Barts

The tiny island of the French West Indies, commonly called St-Barth, is one of the Caribbean's precious gems. Red-roofed bungalows dot hillsides and secluded coves and pristine beaches lure day-trippers in ever greater numbers. For a long time, St-Barts was a well kept secret of the rich and famous rather than a destination for the budget minded. The island retains a certain exclusivity and remains a place for the style-conscious - casual but chic. The island's size makes it possible to get a good introduction as well as enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and discover attractions of Gustavia, the island's tiny capital located around a magnificent harbor. As a reminder of its past as a Swedish colony some of the street signs still show names both in French and Swedish. Today, the quaint, charming capital of Gustavia is a favorite spot frequented by chic residents and visitors.

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