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Rurutu, Austral Islands

Rurutu is unique among the Australs. Its land mass is composed of coral instead of volcanic soil and rock that the other islands are made of, known as a makatea. Unique wildlife grows here, tucked away in secret coves and caverns, many of which have stalactitites and stalagmites within, created from erosion. Of interest are the formations of Vitaria and Anaaeo. The sand is soft and stark white, grains of bleached coral and stretching along Rurutu's beaches: Naairoa, Arei and Avera. In July and October, scuba divers can witness whales and sharks migrating to these waters with their young. Sites of archaeological significance can be found near the village of Vitaria. Handwoven goods like baskets and hats some of the island's specialties.

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