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Taha\'a Motu Mahana

Enclosed in a common lagoon with Raiatea and accessible only by boat, Taha"a produces about 80% of all vanilla in French Polynesia. Taha"a is the only island in the Society Islands that can be completely circled by ship inside the protected lagoon. With its many deep bays and small deserted motu on the reef, Taha"a is an ideal island to escape the 20th century. Here you can explore the reef and discover the beauty of its multicolored lagoon, enjoy a picnic on a deserted motu or ride a 4X4 in the mountains and through the vanilla plantations and learn the mystery of these "orchids". With only a handful of guesthouses and two small hotels, Taha"a is slowly awakening to tourism and yet it still maintains an authentic flavor of Polynesia.

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